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Game Results

How do I get my last game to count towards my AGA Rating?

You can 'approve' your game result under your club's Game Results > Edit then select the game in question. Scroll down to the check boxes for approval. Check your box for 'I approve'. Your Club Administrator can send approved games to the AGA rating system once both players have 'approved' the game result. You might want to check with those persons to expedite the submission to the AGA.

If your club doesn't show Game Results in your club navigation panel, talk to your Club Administrator about including Game Results features.
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Library Catalog

I want to borrow a checked out book. What do I do?

You can find out who has checked out the book of interest by looking under your club's Library Catalog > View All. Search the list for the title and see who has it checked out. Then under Member Services > Members see if that person has made their contact information available. If so give them a call or email them and tell them your interest. Failing this, contact your Club Administrator for help.
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What provisions have you made for disaster recovery?

In addition to the disaster recovery practices of our hosting company, we make daily backups of all files and database tables.
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What steps have you taken to secure this web site?

GoClubsOnline is now protected with a SSL certificate and all forms and pages processed are encrypted. When accessing a web site using SSL, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome show a padlock icon at the right of the URL or Address bar, while Safari shows a padlock icon at the right in the window bar.

A secure web site uses encryption and authentication standards to protect the confidentiality of information in web transactions, such as submitting forms.

Currently, the most commonly used protocol for web security is SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer. For a security standard such as SSL to work, your browser and our web server must both be configured to use it.

When you connect to our GoClubsOnline web site, you will be using SSL, and your browser asks our server to authenticate itself, or confirm its identity. The authentication process uses cryptography to verify that a trusted independent third party, or certificate authority has registered and identified the server.

In addition, SSL encrypts the data that you send, and incorporates a mechanism for detecting any alteration in transit, so that eavesdropping on or tampering with web traffic is almost impossible. This is essential for safely transmitting highly confidential information such as birth dates and credit card numbers.

Practically all current browsers are set up by default to accept SSL certificates from most established certificate authorities and to notify you when you are entering or leaving secure sites.

Finally, for those who enroll their club in GoClubsOnline, we use PayPal to accept payment by either credit card or your PayPal account. PayPal also uses SSL and other protections to make your payment transaction as secure as possible.
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I get the message that Cookies need to be enabled, what are Cookies and how do I do that?

Cookies are useful temporary information your Browser can store on your computer to make your internet browsing experience more pleasant. For example, they can prevent you from having to re-enter data every time you visit a new page or site.

We use cookies to manage our login sessions, know who you are from page to page and to protect our information.

Cookies are controlled in the browser settings. For some examples:

Chrome/Mac OSX
Chrome > Preferences... > Show Advanced Settings > Content Settings... > Cookies
Check 'Allow local data to be set (recommended)'.

Firefox/Mac OSX
Firefox > Preferences... > Privacy
Choose 'Firefox will: Remember history'.

Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security > Block Cookies
Choose 'Allow from Websites I Visit'.

Safari/Mac OSX
Safari > Preferences... > Privacy
Choose 'Cookies and website data: Allow from websites I visit'.

Opera/Mac OSX
Opera > Preferences... > Advanced > Cookies
Choose 'Accept cookies'.

Other browser/OS combinations should behave similarly.
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I'm trying to login but all I get is a refresh of the Login screen, what's the problem?

You probably don't have cookies enabled. Check your browser settings and make sure it allows cookies to be set.
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We are an AGA Chapter and I wondered how I show that our tournaments are AGA rated tournaments?

Under Clubs > Tournaments > Edit, find your tournament and set the Ratings Body to the AGA. The other options are the EGF or None. This will enable the options to collect AGA membership and tournament fees during Tournament Registration and Checkin.
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We are an AGA Chapter and I'd like to send in results from Club Rated Games to the AGA. How do I do that?

As a Club Admin, make sure in your Club Preferences that the AGA Ratings Body is selected. You will then be able to take advantage of GoClubsOnline's email system to send in games in the right format. Once you choose a Ratings Body, all your club's Game Results added thereafter will be marked with the same Ratings Body. Currently, only the AGA or None options are available. You can access Email Game Results to the AGA under Clubs > Game Results.
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Site Registration

How does Site Registration work?

When you choose to Register for the site (on the Login page) you will be asked to enter information to create an account. You should provide a suggested userid, your name, an email address that works and your password. Make a note of your userid and password so you can login later. If your userid has already been taken, don't worry you will be prompted to try again with a different one.

Once you have successfully created an account you will be sent an email to the email address you provided. In that email you will be asked to click on a link in order to activate your account. Without activation, you won't be able to login to the site.
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I registered my personal account but it won't let me log in.

There are several possible reasons:

You may need to reset your password (see Lost Password on the login screen).

You may have mistaken your userid, then see the 'contact' us on the Lost Password page or the 'feedback' form at the bottom of the About page.

Your account may never have been activated via the email we sent.

You may need to enable cookies in your browser.

We reserve the right, to delete unactivated personal accounts after 1 month from initial registration.
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I registered with the site some time ago and haven't seen an Activation email yet, what should I do?

We have seen delivery times of our Activation emails vary from almost instantaneous to as long as 30 mins, unfortunately internet email delivery is outside our control.

Most of the time our subscribers are successfully activating their account via the Activation link in the email we send you. It's also possible that you may have an enthusiastic spam filter which is diverting the email (addressed from info@goclubs.org) to your Spam, Junk or Trash folder. You might want to add info@goclubs.org to your list of acceptable email addresses.

We suspect that very occasionally that some ISPs and Outlook platforms may also have enthusiastic spam filters that may prevent you from ever receiving the email. If you are having any difficulties please email us at admin@goclubs.org or contact your local club administrator. We can activate your account for you with a new temporary password.

Please resist the temptation to create another account and contact us first.
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Tournament Registration

How does on-line tournament registration work?

There are several steps. First you must Register with the site to create an account. This account is good for any tournaments you may want to attend later. Second it's a good idea to edit My Profile (see My Account) to ensure we have accurate information on any AGA membership, Adult status and contact information. Third you can Register under Tournaments or Events to attend any tournaments or events that are in their 'open registration' period.

When you choose Register for a tournament you will be offered a list of any open registration tournaments. Next you will be asked to confirm whether you are playing as an Adult or a Youth. This step is useful to make sure the next page reflects the tournament dues appropriate for you. Finally, you can provide all the information needed by the organizers to run the tournament, your Entering Rank, if there are any Byes you would like to take, any meal orders and so on.
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I don't have an AGA rating and have played some friends who do with a handicap and lost. How do I choose an Entering Rank for a tournament?

Domestic Players
First, if you have played consistently with someone who has an up-to-date AGA rating, this is probably the best starting point. Consistently means you win about half your games. Take the handicap you use with this player and add that number to their AGA rating. E.g. if you play Black with a 4 stone handicap and your opponent's rating is 5.2k, enter at 9.2k.

Second, you can check your rating on internet Go Servers. KGS ranks are a little stronger than AGA ratings but subject to change. IGS ratings are also stronger than AGA ratings. You can try choosing a rating level perhaps 1 weaker than your KGS rating and perhaps 1-2 levels weaker than your IGS ratings. E.g. KGS = 2.8k, enter at 3.8k. Check Sensei's Library on Ranking Comparisons for another perspective.

Third, try to get a game in with an AGA rated club member before the tournament and get their opinion.

Non-US Players with a Local Rating
Check the internet tables that compare ratings in different countries with the US. Again try Sensei's Library on Ranking Comparisons.

You can enter at any rating you can personally justify with the agreement of the tournament director (TD).

Aim too low (weak) and folks might think you are a 'sandbagger', aim too high and you risk the embarrassment of losing all your games.

If your interest is in getting a stronger AGA rating you should aim for the stronger end of your range. If your interest is in winning prizes you can enter at the weaker end of your range.

Handicap tournaments reward people who have genuinely improved since their last official rating. Once you have an AGA rating you can enter at that level or stronger (with the TD's agreement). Winning all 7 rounds in a handicap tournament will likely increase your AGA rating by about 1.5 points. So if you enter too weak it might take you a long time to get a more realistic AGA rating.

Say your AGA rating is 25k but you think you are really 15k then entering at a more realistic rating of say 15k and winning say 4 of 7 games will quickly set your AGA rating towards your entering rank. Enter at 25k and win all your games will probably get you a 23k rating afterwards.
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I'd like to order an extra lunch for my Mom who won't be playing. How do I do that?

Even though your Mom won't be playing, she can register as a Spectator and place an order for lunch. Most clubs do not charge anything for spectators to attend but may charge a fee to cover their lunch. By registering, spectators' orders are then processed with all the players' lunch orders.

First, spectators must Register with the site to create an account. This only has to be done once and the account is good for any future tournaments. Second it's a good idea to edit My Profile to ensure we have accurate contact information. Third spectators can Register to attend any tournaments that are in their 'open registration' period and make their lunch selection.

See the other FAQs for more details.
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If I join the AGA after registering for a tournament but before playing, can I qualify for any AGA discounts?

Yes. Most of the time, GoClubsOnline stays up to date with the AGA ratings and membership status. With this in mind, once your membership has been acknowledged, you should find it in our records. You can then update your tournament registration any time during the tournament's on-line registration period. Once you have joined the AGA, log in and, under My Tournaments, go to Change, proceed through the steps to Step 3 and confirm your AGA status is properly reflected. Click on the 'Update' button to update your registration. The correct AGA fees should be reflected in your confirmation receipt.

If your AGA membership data is late in getting promulgated to us (for a number of possible reasons) you can still choose not to order any AGA membership or tournament fees. Verify this with the Club Administrator or tournament organizers when you check-in.
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When I registered for a cub tournament, I wasn't a member of the club and my receipt says I must pay the full price. Can I still get the member discount now that I have just joined?

Yes. You can verify on your Welcome/Home page (under My Memberships) that your club membership is up-to-date. You can review your tournament registration under My Tournaments and the registration form will recognize your membership status. Save the registration and your new receipt will show any discounted rate. See your Club Administrator with questions about your membership status.
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Where can I find documentation on GoClubsOnline.

The most extensive documentation is available as a user guide for Club Administrators. Go to More Info... > Learn How or see this link and download the manual.

Overview information is always available at the GoClubsOnline home page.
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