What Is Go?

Go is a fascinating board game that originated in China, more than 2,500 years ago. Using simple circular black and white stones on a 19x19 grid, players take turns to build walls to sourround territory. At the end of the game, the player who sourrounds most territory (empty intersections) along with any captured stones is the winner.

While the game pieces and board are culturally completely independent unlike many other board games, professional play over centuries in Japan has defined much of the language used in the west to describe position, patterns and playing strategies.

For some basic guidance, courtesy of the Santa Fe Go Club, you can quickly learn how to play. However, to get strong may take a little effort because the game is considered by many to be the hardest board game in the world.

Also known as baduk (Korean), wei ch’i (Chinese) and igo (Japanese), it is played today by millions of people, including thousands in the United States. In Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan, it is far more popular than chess is in the West, and professional players compete for large cash prizes. The International Go Federation now boasts member countries all over the world; Africa has three, Oceania two, Asia 17, Europe 37 and the Americas 15, for a total of 74.

Some notable quotes;

"Go is a conversation between two players, each one creating a new puzzle for their opponent on each move."

"Go is journey of self-discovery."

"Life is a metaphor for Go."

"If there is intelligent life in outer space they may have discoverd chess, but surely they will have discoverd go."

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